Emergency Management Ontario

This project involved the expansion of Emergency Management Ontario’s command centre to double the capacity. The centre’s primary function is to accommodate representatives from various Ministries, including National, Provincial, and Municipal Emergency Services, during emergencies to co-ordinate efforts.

Security of the persons using the centre, and protecting the confidentiality of the information, were of utmost importance. All equipment systems had to be fully redundant.

Systems included audioconferencing and quad splitting on 4 front video projection systems for a total of 16 images.

Existing problems that Novita’s system design overcame included microphone feedback, electromagnetic interference, poor screen viewing angles due to the layout of the room, dim projected images, the use of multiple remote controls for the systems, and equipment controls that required adjustment by an outside company.

Novita’s solution was very cost-effective, re-using as much of the existing equipment as possible.







Location: Toronto
Client: Government of Ontario
Interior Designer: LBA Design Group
Project Value: $350,000
Completed: 2006